Fundación Jacinto Convit


Experimental Immunotherapy Unit (EIU)

The Experimental Immunotherapy Program develops immunotherapeutic options to treat chronic and infectious diseases of local relevance. It is currently focused on the development of a breast cancer personalized vaccine, named ConvitVax, designed and proposed by Dr. Convit more than a decade ago. This therapy seeks to boost the patient's own immune system against the malignant cells by combining the patient's own tumor cells with BCG and low concentrations of formalin. With the support of national and international collaborators, and a multidisciplinary team, the organization conducted pre-clinical studies to validate the efficacy and safety of this immunotherapy.

Molecular Diagnostic Unit (MDU)

The Molecular Diagnostics Unit (MDU) is a national scale-size program that provides a free of cost, early, precise and personalized diagnostic service for various types of cancers and infectious diseases, mainly HIV, for children and adults treated in public hospitals. Works with in-house designed and standardized protocols, based on molecular techniques, that are validated with external certified controls from reference centers. This program runs under strict regulations and guidelines, is certified by the international quality system 9001:2015 and approved by the bioethics committee of each partner hospital.

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