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The Training Program offers new opportunities to undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate students from all over Venezuela, to train in different areas of the organization, as well as complete their thesis based on any of the ongoing projects at FJC. The organization works under the principles of Dr. Convit and as such believes in the need to prepare the younger generations as they are the future of our society. FJC provides students the opportunity to learn new skills and acquire real world experience in a modern and innovative environment. To date, it has received more than 500 students from across the country and of multiple careers such as architecture, engineering, quality control, communications, marketing, history, biology, medicine, bioanalysis and many others. This real world experience contributes to their professional growth and inspires them to build new visionary projects in Venezuela. One of the major contributions of this program is the highly specialized training that is provided every year to medical doctors that are completing their postgraduate studies in hematology at the main hospital centers in the country.

Jacinto Convit Digital Library

The Jacinto Convit Digital Library is an educational program that consists of a virtual library specialized in the works of Dr. Jacinto Convit. Its aim is to recover, preserve and facilitate access to bibliographic and hemerographic work, as well as all that is written by or about Dr. Convit. It also guarantees the transfer of knowledge and promotes his legacy throughout the world. This library is soon to be available to all public through the website

Values through Science

Values through Science is another educational program that rescues and promotes important values of our society based on Dr. Convit's life as a role model. It encourages scientific curiosity and inspires the different generations to conquer big dreams in our own country despite the difficulties. This program is presented at schools, universities, communities, public and private institutions, symposiums and events.

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