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National Dermatology Healthcare Network


The National Dermatology Healthcare Network, staffed by a uniquely qualified team of sanitary dermatologists, health inspectors, nurses and social promoters, is the battlefront where leprosy and other endemic skin conditions in the country are fought.

Thirty-one Regional Dermatology Healthcare Services (RDHS) make up the network spread throughout the nation except for the Amazonas and Delta Amacuro states which are served by Units in charge of controlling and researching endemic diseases.

These sanitary dermatologists are the real heroes in the war against leprosy in Venezuela. They are permanently on guard against other endemic diseases as well, such as leishmaniasis (cutaneous and visceral), onchocerciasis, ectoparasitosis and cutaneaous mycoses.

Through its information platform and at the request of Dr. Jacinto Convit, founder of the National Dermatology Healthcare Network, the Foundation carries out promotional tasks so that this devoted professional team can continue to attend and care for the population in geographically isolated areas. It is our responsibility to provide logistical support to these professionals to complement their commendable work in favor of the country.

Role of the Foundation

Through its digital platform and at the request of Dr. Jacinto Convit, founder of the National Dermatology Healthcare Network, the Foundation has the duty to promote and inform regarding the extraordinary group of specialists that dedicate their lives to assist patients in the remote areas of the country. Our purpose is to strengthen and help modernize the service in those centers. We are responsible for guiding and proving their contact information to patients and general public across the country who required to attend these centers for diagnose and treatment.



City Address Coordinator Phone E-Mail
Barcelona Hospital Luis Razetti, Servicio de Dermatología frente a Central de citas 1er piso. Dr Jhonny Seballo 0416-4805-665


City Address Coordinator Phone E-Mail
Barinas Servicio de Salud Pública, Dermatología Sanitaria, calle Miranda con San Luis Dr. Ángel Cardozo 0414-5692208
Dr. Tomaso Marchetta 0414-5670460


City Address Coordinator Phone E-Mail
C. Bolívar Urbanización El Perú, Módulo El Perú, 1er piso Servicio de Dermatología Sanitaria Av. Dra. Rosaura Benítez 0424-9163691


City Address Coordinator Phone E-Mail
Valencia Hospital Rafael González Plaza servicio de dermatología sanitaria Barbula-Naguanagua Dr. Eusebio Plasencia 0241-9894924 (SDS)


City Address Coordinator Phone E-Mail
San Carlos Ambulatorio Augusto Malave Villalba Servicio de Dermatología Sanitaria Av. Ricauter al lado de la Ferretería San Rafael “La Morena” Dr. Juan José Parra 0426-5445424


City Address Coordinator Phone E-Mail
San Juan de Los Morros Hospital Israel Raunares Balza, Servicio de Dermatología, Módulo 1 Dr. Alexis Castrillo 0414-1460560
Dr. Germán Hernández 0424-3034030
Zaraza Dr. Robert López 0412-4102325
Calabozo Hospital Francisco Torrealba, Servicio de Dermatología Sanitaria, Calle Libertad con Sixto Sosa Dr. Edy Silva 0416-6433041


City Address Coordinator Phone E-Mail
Merida Hospital Universitario de Los Andes (IAHULA) Dra. Amalia Vielma Flores (jefa de dermatología sanitaria) 0274-2521160


City Address Coordinator Phone E-Mail
San José Barlovento Sede del Distrito Sanitario N° 5 Servicio de Dermatología final Av. Bolívar con calle la Línea Dr. José Guevara 0414-3995091


City Address Coordinator Phone E-Mail
Maturín Hospital general José Antonio Serres, Servicio de Dermatología, Zona Industrial Las Cocuizas Dra. Marelys Rodríguez 0424-9588792
Insp. María Josefina Fuente 0412-9964039
Insp. Lennin Salinas


City Address Coordinator Phone E-Mail
Guanare Av. Mariscal Sucre entrada al Aeropuerto. Servicio de Dermatología Sanitaria Dr. Pablo Moffi
Biscucuy Ambulatorio Diego Briceño, Servicio de Dermatología Dr. Pablo Moffi 04264528700


City Address Coordinator Phone E-Mail
Cumaná Ambulatorio Arquímedes Serrano, Servicio de Dermatología Av. Perimetral Dr. Simón Decena
Secretaria Sonia Zapata
Dr. José López 0414-8391125
Dra. Betzabeth Arteaga 0426-3857658
Carúpano Hospital de Carúpano Servicio de Dermatología Av. Universitaria Dr. Jorge Maldonado 0412-0911928
Directo SDSR


City Address Coordinator Phone E-Mail
Trujillo Sede de la Unidad Sanitaria Servicio de Dermatología piso 1 frente al Hospital José Gregorio Hernández. Dr. Rafael Castellanos 0414-7238206
Bocono Unidad Sanitaria Servicio de Dermatología Sanitaria, Av. Rotari cruce con Av. Los Leones. Dr. Martín Berti 0414-0796591
(correo de su esposa)
Aida Marin (Enfermera) 0416-0781593
Valera Hospital Central Pedro Emilio Carrillo, Servicio de Dermatología Sanitaria, al lado de Traumatología Dr. Víctor Zambrano 0416-8714946
Secretaria: Karla Valecillos 0424-7241476


City Address Coordinator Phone E-Mail
San Felipe Servicio de Dermatología Sanitaria Av. La Patria entre 3ra y 4ta Avenida Dra. Angela Hamilton 0414-5466115


The inception and structure of the National Dermatology Healthcare Network is historically linked to Dr. Jacinto Convit, who envisaged the project very early in his career for the purpose of expanding nationwide healthcare for patients affected by leprosy.

Presently, Dr. Convit, at age 100, continues to serve as the chief physician of the Dermatology Healthcare Division attached to the Ministry of Health under the academic and healthcare supervision of the Institute of Biomedicine.

In 1946, while Dr. Convit was the medical director of the anti-leprosy services, he presented the Planning Commission of the Medical Care Institutions with a general plan for the control of leprosy which is the cornerstone of the current network. This vision was shared by Convit and his teacher and mentor Dr. Martín Vegas since 1941, when a string of events led to the creation of the National Dermatology Institute.

In order to provide institutional endorsement to both the National Institute of Dermatology and the Dermatology Healthcare Division, the Society for Dermatological Research (now a historical and crucial pillar of the Jacinto Convit Foundation) was created November 2, 1960. This association was created for the purpose of organizing, maintaining, and managing various dermatological research laboratories in the country, a task which incidentally the Foundation undertakes to rescue in order to return it to its rightful place in history with the highest professional quality it has represented over time.

By 1967, a complete healthcare infrastructure included not only the Dermatology Healthcare Division of the Ministry of Health, but also the College of Dermatology of the José María Vargas School of Medicine and the Dermatology Department of the Vargas Hospital, which at the time were renowned world-class centers and one of only two centers, along with the St. John Hospital for Skin Diseases of London, to be accredited by the American Board of Dermatology.

In the 60' and 70's, the staff of the Dermatology Healthcare Division had a luxury line-up of medical stars, such as J.J. Arvelo, a specialist in the rehabilitation of leprosy patients and doctors Enrique Rassi, Zino Catellazzi, S. Mendoza and Oscar Reyes, the latter a pioneer and master of dermatopathology in Venezuela.

The 70's also brought a series of milestones for the Dermatology Healthcare Network. First, the PAHO/WHO International Center for research and training in leprosy and other similar diseases (CIALEA) was created in the Institute on June 11, 1973 for the purpose of developing scientific research and effective operational and administrative methods to control leprosy and other tropical diseases. Afterwards, the Center for the study and control of Leprosy and other tropical diseases of the World Health Organization was created and headquartered in the Institute, which reflects the global recognition that both the Institute and the Sanitary Dermatology Division, its operational arm in the field, began to acquire.

Parallel to the opening of the postgraduate program in Dermatopathology in 1979, dermatology healthcare practice acquired an academic rank with the establishment of the postgraduate course that began to accept scholars from the Pan American Sanitary Office and to train local physicians that subsequently return to their regions to direct the services that until now have treated patients in the interior of the country uninterruptedly.

In 2006 Dr. Convit appointed Dr. Alberto Paniz Mondolfi as the National Supervisor of Epidemiology and Control of Leprosy and Leishmaniasis in order to perform work on a national scale that would allow the hyper-endemic areas of both diseases to be assessed and characterized in the area of molecular epidemiology, as well as assess their potential impact on the design of control policies for both diseases. Towards the end of 2007, Dr. Paniz Mondolfi left his position to pursue a specialization in dermatopathology and was later appointed the academic and research Director of the Foundation.

The close working relationship between Dr. Paniz Mondolfi and the regional services, as well as Dr. Convit's special interest, has led the Foundation to focus on the promotion of the Dermatology Healthcare Services Network and, within its possibilities, to pursue any initiative that will contribute to the strengthening and modernization of the services and their dedicated staff.

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