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Fundación Jacinto Convit (FJC) is a nonprofit institution founded in June 2012 that preserves, protects and continues the work, projects, values and philosophy of the renowned scientist, physician and humanist Dr. Jacinto Convit.

Inspired in the vision of social service through science, FJC is comprised by a multidisciplinary team of professionals from the healthcare, basic, social and human sciences that develop research, social and educational programs to favor our healthcare system, social progress and humanity in general.

The Foundation springs from the merge of two important non-profit organizations: The Association for the Development of Cancer Immunotherapy and the Association for Dermatological Studies, with the purpose of uniting efforts under one unique platform to provide continuity for a legacy that has been committed to improving the lives of the patients for more than a century.

FJC is an independent institution that works in collaboration and alliance with public health institutions, research centers, academia, multilaterals, non-profits and private organizations. Our aim is to work for others through our high impact scientific and social programs.


Develop scientific research, healthcare programs, educational and community projects, performed by a multidisciplinary team, to contribute with the lives of the most underprivileged population and the social development of the country.


Be a national and international leading institution in research, training, and innovation that can contribute to social progress through science.


  • Promote Dr. Convit's values and philosophy through research, educational and community projects to diffuse his legacy and inspire all generations to conquer big dreams that can benefit humanity.

  • Develop cutting-edge science in priority fields of public health that can contribute to social development and the advancement of science.

  • Contribute to a better public health system by providing free access o specialized diagnostic services in chronic and infectious diseases for the most underprivileged population.

  • Teach children, students and professionals in areas related to the mission of the Foundation, to contribute with the scientific and social development of the country.

  • Set up collaborative networks to interact with national and international research centers, public and private institutions, and academia, to develop new knowledge and solutions in different fields of science.


The principles of the organization are based on Dr. Convit's philosophy. Each value is taken by some of his most memorable quotes.

  • Love for Others
  • Love for Life
  • Devotion to Public Service
  • Team Work
  • Education
  • Fight against stigma and prejudice
  • Commitment
  • Dedication and Tenacity
  • Progress and evolution
  • Curiosity
  • Humanism
  • Being Useful to Society
  • Not for Profit Work
  • Humbleness and Simplicity
  • Innovation
  • Conviction

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