Fundación Jacinto Convit


Experimental Immunotherapy Unit (EIU)

The Experimental Immunotherapy Unit (EIU) was created according to Dr. Convit's vision as a service for the research and development of new therapies (mainly immunotherapies) to treat infectious and chronic diseases such as cancer. Our primary motivation is to provide patients with the best available tools to prevent and combat these diseases, in a cost free basis, as part of a social program.

Today, the EIU is working very hard to validate and certify Dr. Convit's protocol of an autovaccine to treat breast cancer. This work was published first in 2006 (see article).

Molecular Diagnostic Unit (MDU)

This Unit has been created to contribute to the improvement of the diagnostic system, control, prevention and treatment of diseases that affect a large part of the Venezuelan population, such as endemic diseases (Tuberculosis, Meningitis, VIH, Leishmaniasis, among others) and chronic neoplastic diseases (solid brain tumors and leukemia). For this purpose, the MDU will implement the use of conventional and last generation techniques in molecular biology to make it an efficient social service of national and regional reference in molecular diagnostics. Today, this program is directed to the pediatric population (0-18 years) that attend the main hospitals across the country.

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