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Jacinto Convit Digital Library

The Foundation is developing a virtual library, specialized in the works of Dr. Jacinto Convit, in order to recover, preserve, and facilitate the access to bibliographic and hemerographic work, as well as all that is produced by or about him, to guarantee the transfer of knowledge and promote his legacy that is at the service of humanity.

This platform will also serve to support the programs executed by the Jacinto Convit Foundation, and provide assistance through its resources and documents to the general public that have specific needs, therefore contributing to the academic, social, and economic development of the country.

Values through Science

The objective of this program is to teach about the life and legacy of Dr. Convit at schools, universities, communities, public and private institutions, symposiums and events, as well as promote the work that the Foundation is doing to continue his legacy. This program consists in different types of presentations that stimulate the scientific curiosity, and inspires the different generations to look at Dr. Convit's values and philosophy as a role model.

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